Youth and New Professionals


We are looking for diverse top talent from across Ontario. Are you a new professional who is ready to bring your knowledge from the classroom to work? We are looking for candidates with the following qualities:

  • You want to make a difference: You are passionate about serving the public and helping the citizens of Ontario. You are accountable, responsive and ethical, modelling behaviours that are aligned with the OPS values. You understand the impact that working in the OPS has on the lives of Ontarians.
  • You are curious and love to learn: You seek opportunities to learn, gain new skills, and enhance your existing skills. You rise to challenges and learn from the mistakes you make. You are inspired by the success of others around you and welcome feedback as a way to improve.
  • You are people-centred: You act with integrity and operate with an inclusive mindset. You work towards a common purpose and inspire others to align to shared goals. You build relationships and networks through effective communication and collaboration.
  • You are flexible: You are willing and able to quickly respond to changing circumstances and think about problems and tasks in creative ways. When stressors or unexpected events occur, you are able to change your stance, outlook, or commitment to meet organizational needs.