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Focus Area Information

Focus Area Information

The Ontario Internship Program places interns across the Ontario Public Service in 7 focus areas. Each focus area represents a line of work that is essential to serving the people of Ontario. You are encouraged to select the focus area that matches your skills and interests when you apply to the program. Check out the various focus areas to learn which stream will provide you with the best opportunity to reach your career goals:


Communications in the Ontario Public Service

Communications is vital to government. OPS communications specialists develop messages and strategies to publicize key government initiatives. Ministry communications branches advise and support the minister, deputy minister and ministry program areas.

Communications in the OPS involves:

  • Developing targeted strategies to get the public's and media’s attention
  • Planning and coordinating events to support communications strategies
  • Identifying and managing issues
  • Writing and editing communications products like news releases, speeches, briefing notes, fact sheets and newsletters
  • Managing ministry websites and graphic designs.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

We are seeking candidates who possess certain knowledge and can demonstrate a variety of skills and abilities including:


  • Knowledge of strategic communications/integrated marketing: refers to an understanding of integrated marketing principles and concepts
  • Knowledge of digital communications: refers to knowledge of digital communications including social media platforms and an understanding of how different digital channels are used to communicate with audiences

Skills and Abilities

  • Communication skills: presenting information using traditional and/or digital media in a clear, concise and accurate manner through effective written, oral and visual communication
  • Collaboration skills: working with others to solve a problem or achieve a common goal that is mutually beneficial
  • Customer service: involves anticipating and identifying client needs to respond and provide better services with a goal of maximizing client satisfaction. Customers and clients may include the public, colleagues, partners, and peers
  • Influencing skills: refers to the ability to bring about change by compelling others to action
  • Problem solving skills: refers to the ability to recognize, understand and resolve a problem by breaking it apart into smaller pieces, and evaluating options and identifying alternative solutions
  • Research skills: refers to the ability to ascertain relevant questions/concerns about the identified topic and determine the most appropriate method(s) to acquire the knowledge and or information needed to address, as fully and accurately as possible, those questions/concerns
  • Relationship Management skills: involves building and maintaining strong working relationships with clients, stakeholders, partners and colleagues and demonstrating respect, ethics and extending trust in order to achieve organizational goals
  • Work management: involves prioritizing tasks, managing competing priorities as to effectively manage time in order to meet deadlines.

What to Expect

As a communications intern, your work could include:

Integrated Marketing/ Strategic Planning

  • Identifying marketing, communications and media opportunities
  • Consulting with stakeholders and managing issues.

Media Relations and Event Planning

  • Planning and organizing media and special events
  • Identifying and analyzing media issues.

Communications Planning and Writing

  • Developing and implementing communications strategies and plans
  • Writing and editing supporting communications products like news releases, Q&As, and speeches
  • Writing correspondence.

Digital Communications

  • Researching, developing and launching digital communications
  • Working on the graphic design of brochures, posters and reports.

Looking Ahead

This is just the beginning of your career in the Ontario Public Service.

An internship is an opportunity to learn and develop your communications skills in the public service. The internship is intended to be the start of a public service career and will prepare and develop you for job opportunities in the Ontario Public Service. An internship in this area can prepare you for a career as a/an:

  • Event Planner
  • Media Relations Specialist
  • Communications Consultant
  • Writer/Editor
  • Web Editor.